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Charcha for Pakistani Tech

The progress of science and technology can never be stopped. It’s the 21st century, and we’re in a phase where our physical presence is transitioning to a virtual one. It does get a bit spooky when you hear that chips are going to be inserted in your head in the disguise of a vaccine. Still, we can’t stop drooling over iPhones, Ultra 4k LED TVs, or any other gadget, for that matter. *Shrug*

Pakistani tech experts are some of the most talented people we’ve seen. We have what it takes to make an intimidating mark on the world. The sparkle tech geeks have in their dark-circled eyes is proof of their passion for technical science. They have our utmost support and admiration!

Charcha is set to report on all the news regarding science and technology. This includes:

  • Tech start-ups that show immense potential
  • The best tech gear you can get in Pakistan
  • Educational tech blogs to become successful in life
  • Handling and understanding basic technology yourself
  • And whatever else the charcha is about!

Hop on for a joyride into the digital realm of 2020!

Stay tuned!

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