January 20, 2021

Working Super-Mothers: Women Bearing Children, A Job, And The Stigma Surrounding Day Care Centres

Charcha for Working Moms

Day care centres have been facilitating working parents for a long time. In the West, they are quite popular, mostly because of the high female employment ratio and nuclear family structures.

The need for day care centres has dramatically risen in Pakistan as the working women force increased over the past decade. The service of a day care centre is, however, often frowned upon in Pakistani society. People strongly advocate the benefits of a mother looking after her child until the age of five. Many working mothers are bound to quit their jobs due to the lack of support they receive in bringing up a child. Those who decide to opt for day care centres are struggling to find a healthy environment that addresses an emotional, social and academic learning for a child.

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When my youngest child was still breastfed, I was offered a position in a renowned university. The salary package offered was excellent, and day care centre’s facilities were complimentary. Without giving it a second thought, I readily accepted the opportunity which had come my way. Little did I know that my decision of admitting my children in a day care centre would upset others.

In the month leading up to my first day at work, I was judged for potentially spoiling my children’s personalities in return for financial success. ‘A working mother cannot look after a home or a husband’. This was said to me multiple times. ‘A mother who decides to leave her children in a stranger’s care is only running away from her motherhood responsibilities’. This was another belief that left me baffled to the core!

Suppose a woman has the ability to juggle her work and family without compromising on either. Why is bullying her emotionally a social trend? Is it that dishonourable to make a working woman’s journey pleasant by offering support and appreciation?

I have seen stay-at-home mothers put their toddlers in day care centres just so they develop early social skills. I have encountered stay-at-home mothers who rely on caregiver maids to help with the upbringing of the child. Such mothers are never shamed for needing extra helping hands while they have no burden of employment. Not that they should be shamed, though. The point is: if you can afford to have maids, feel free to do so! Feel free to raise your children the way you believe they will grow up to be idols for others. Only YOU know what’s best for your kids. 

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How can you judge something as pure as motherhood?

Working mothers are strong and flexible. They’re admirable in every single way. They show their children how to handle pressure, teach them time-management, and tolerance. Children learn how to keep smiling even if they’re under a mountain of burden. 

Why is no one encouraging working mothers?


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