October 24, 2020

Drug Addiction, A Curse On Pakistani Society: Learn How To Fix Yourself, And Others – Before It’s Too Late To Turn Back

Charcha for Fighting Drug Abuse

Drug addiction is rising these days at a tremendous level. The Police arrests people from different communities who partake in drug dealing, may it be the buying or selling end. Young adults start taking drugs with their own will, just to taste the feeling of it. Before they know it, addiction takes over. A person loses his self-control completely. The reason why drug crimes are on the rise? Well, it’s because we just aren’t aware. We love staying ignorant. Ignorance is bliss! It’s bliss until you don’t know how drugs are destroying your mind, body, and future.  

Here’s my plea to you: at least be aware of what you’re doing to yourself. Here’s a discussion to help you better understand… 

  • What is drug addiction, and why it’s a vile curse. 
  • If you are suspicious about a friend or family member, how can you recognize them? 
  • How can you cure them of the curse? 

What Is Drug Addiction?

A common question that’s stuck in the minds of many people! Drug addiction is a chronic condition which forces you to get your daily dose of toxins.  If a person is involved with drugs, they are always in need of it and cannot control their desire, despite knowing its harmful consequences. There are many names for the same evil: drug dependency, drug abuse, and so on. The terms state ‘the illegal or unlawful use of drugs’ just to ‘feel good’. It helps you relax, decreases your stress, and avoid reality. At the cost of a healthy brain and body, of course.

In drug addiction, there is always an urge to get and use drugs to be in a state of buzz. Drugs stimulate the ‘reward center’ of the brain, causing euphoria. It does so by filling it with a chemical messenger “dopamine” which produces a feeling of pleasure. As the habit grows, the reward center of the brain adapts by decreasing the ability of cells in the brain to respond to the drug. With time, an addict needs a higher dose of the drug to get high.

In simple words, a drug addict won’t get high consistently with the same dose of drugs. They must abuse their body more and more every single day to get what they want.

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Drug abuse is a curse you must never bewitch yourself with.

Drug Addiction Is A Curse!

Drug addiction is spoiling our society, pulling right at our roots. People belonging to different age groups, from children to the elderly, everyone can become habitual of this unhealthy and unlawful doing. Drugs affect your power of judgment, learning, memory, and behavior. The person loses all his self-confidence, stop exercising, eating well, and may even drop out of school or college. They can’t think of anything but drugs! According to research, around 5.4 percent of people in the world use illicit drugs. 

Many factors are responsible for a person becoming a drug addict. This includes family issues, marriage life, loss at work, even genetics! The reason why drug addiction is rising in Pakistan, however, is due to the bad-influence of toxic peer pressure. Drug addicts are contagious to their entire social circle. It’s like a fission chain reaction where one addict spoils the other, the other spoils ten more, and so on! 

Addicts may socially distance themselves from friends and family, cause unprofessional issues at work or school, and even take to violent crime. Cravings lead an addict away from his life, family, and friends. In a nutshell, nothing productive remains in their life. Drug addiction is a curse, whichever way you see it!

Don’t isolate yourself with drugs. Drugs are anything but your friends; they’re a vile, vicious enemy.

Drug Addiction In Pakistan

Drug addiction cases are skyrocketing in many countries by the day. Even well-developed, prosperous states have to counter this drug epidemic with a considerable budget. Here’s a fact for you: 180 million people worldwide were consumers of illegal drugs in 1990. Their number up to 269 million by 2018! As far as Pakistan is concerned, drug-related cases are increasing uncontrollably. Neighboring countries like Afghanistan help smuggle drugs over to our nation. 

The use of many drugs, especially cannabis AKA Hashish, is widespread in Pakistan. The most alarming thing here is that the youth, especially university students, are downright addicted to alcohol, LSD, cocaine, crystal-meth, and cannabis. If you aren’t aware of these drugs, do your homework. They are horrid. Drug addiction is ruining our youth, the future of Pakistan.

Let’s hand it to the government for at least having an organization that works against drug abuse. Anti-narcotics force (ANF) Pakistan is fighting against this deadly situation. In terms of drug abuse, the current state of our country implies that they aren’t doing an excellent job, though. 

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How to recognize a drug addict 

Scan your surroundings. A loved one, a friend, a family member, or even someone at your workplace, can show signs of being addicted to drugs. Recognizing a drug addict is essential for you to save and protect those you care about. Look out for some simple signs.  

  • The addict is not sociable. They would keep way too many secrets, often disappear out of the blue, and make up false excuses when asked about it. They might even lash out when interrogated. 
  • They may have problems regarding school or work that they’ve never had before. Remember, drugs directly affect the brain’s cognitive ability. If you notice a loved one oversleeping, becoming forgetful, or unable to handle work or study-related tasks suddenly… save them. 
  • Drug addicts have no interest in the outside world. They won’t clean themselves properly and have mood issues because they don’t even care what others think anymore. 

These drug issues are way more widespread than you think. It is estimated that 0.7 to 1.53 percent persons of age group 15 – 64 years have used opioids once in their life. Be on the lookout at all times. After recognizing a drug addict, it is your responsibility to help him come back to life because saving a human saves humanity. For good karma’s sake, do anything and everything for this cause.

How To Cure Drug Addiction?

Treatment of drug addiction is a long term process and it requires proper monitoring. A situation of relapsing exists, even after many years. Quitting an addiction is a complex process, and usually, the addict can’t abandon it on their own. The support of family and friends is needed. That’s where society falls short! Instead of forgiving the drug-addicted person, we make their life a living hell.

Oh, my Lord! How could our children dishonor us in this way! They are kafir. They deserve to be punished and left alone. Isn’t this how we react? 

Our small minds only make the suffering worse for a drug addict if he or she ever tries to abandon it. They might lose their cool and make a drug lifestyle their destiny. 

Detox is a rehabilitation method used to minimize the withdrawal effects during recovery. It is prescribed in the supervision of a knowledgable medical officer. Different types of medicines treat drug addiction well. Rehabilitation centers, mental hospitals, and various welfare programs play their role in bringing a drug addict back to life.

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Why is the youth adopting drug culture so fast? 

As mentioned before, our Pakistani youth is addicted to drugs. Why? Well, you can influence the immature minds of young adults and teenagers pretty easily. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to have a check and balance on them. The young and immature may try out a drug ‘just for fun’ or ‘just because everyone’s doing it.Before they realize what they’ve done, they start having withdrawal symptoms. Then, to avoid the pain and sickness of withdrawal, they slowly become the addicts we must save. 

Pay proper attention to the people who have signs of being addicted. The media is a powerful weapon of the century, and the youth listens to it. Social media has become a toxic form of expression, as well. We think that the media must address drug abuse, for positive reforms to be made against it.

Where to report drug abuse 

There isn’t a drug abuse hotline or special service to handle addicts in a sophisticated manner in Pakistan yet. If you have a lead on any drug dealer, inform the police about your findings immediately. We must destroy the roots of the problem, which is illegal drug dealing.  Anti-narcotics force (ANF) Pakistan is the organization by which we potentially can control drug-abuse. Everyone must contribute to the cause in any way they can! 

Become a Youth Ambassador

Do you feel strongly about eliminating drug abuse from Pakistan? Be a noble advocate, and dedicate yourself to the welfare of the Nation. Here’s your chance! Anti-narcotics force (ANF) Pakistan has a youth ambassadorship program where you can fight Pakistan’s drug abuse epidemic. Just go through the process of listing yourself under the Youth Ambassadorship program, and be the savior of hundreds!

Please stay away from drugs to live a happy and comfortable life. Peace!

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