September 26, 2020

Be The Voice Of Pakistan: How Social Entrepreneurship Can Put An End To All Our Struggles

Charcha for Peace Builders

Have you ever wanted to raise your voice against an oppressor, but felt helpless because you didn’t have the right platform to do so? Have you ever wanted to change your living conditions, but you’re helpless because everyone’s suffering like yourself? We have a herd mindset, where we keep raising our tolerance levels to survive despite the lowering standards of literally everything around us. If you want change, be vocal about it. Do everything in your power to help those who are on the same page with you. Be a social advocate, a social entrepreneur.

Who is a ‘Social Entrepreneur’?

Social entrepreneurship is the passion and relentless mindset to undergo social missions. Having a firm belief in constructing bold and creative solutions is one of the features of social entrepreneurs. They implement their idea by either forming new organisations or as intrapreneurs in an already existing organisation or community. They are change agents who want to see society, or rather, the whole world, progressing towards excellence. They make lives better by combining social issues with commerce, or take the non-profit route and devote their lives to the welfare of society.

Presenting: Moiz Shaukat, a Pakistani social entrepreneur who devotes himself to selfless community service. He inspires thousands, and brightens the lives of thousands more through his non-profit organization, Moiz Shaukat Humanities.

Solutions Come To Those Who Take The First Step

Generally, for social entrepreneurs, it doesn’t matter whether their organisation is a social enterprise or not. Neither does it matter that their plan is of social innovation or not. All they are interested in is the problem; they are less worried about the solution. That’s a hard game to play, isn’t it? How do they achieve their prominent success, then? They believe that no one owns the answer and that solutions are made with the collective help of the community!

The consensus is integral to ensure sustainability and impact, all by using a change management policy. They believe that the effect is one fundamental factor of the social sector. Whatever they do, raise awareness or money, they are still active contributors to society. For social entrepreneurs, wealth is just a tool to achieve an aim. Money isn’t a gain in their eyes; the challenge of attaining success keeps them running like steam engines. 

Why is Social Entrepreneurship necessary for Pakistan?

In Pakistan, we are currently facing several challenges. One of them is the lack of family planning which is causing extreme population growth. More people means more mouths to feed. Pakistan, which is already on the verge of complete water shortage, being the third most water-stressed country of the world. According to the report of the United Nations, our country has an annual growth rate of 2%. We all are well aware of the country’s declining economic graphs. 

Thirsty, Yet In Deep Waters

If we keep going by the current population growth rate, the results will be drastic. The simple fact that Pakistan cannot achieve universal primary education until 2070 gives us a glimpse of the struggle ahead. The famous social entrepreneur Humna Raza raised one such issue a few days ago. In her video, she said that we need proper planning to deal with these rising population challenges. Otherwise, we will have 224 million people looking for work by 2050. If we want our society to evolve and adopt some developmental policies, then, the support of social entrepreneurs is essential. They show results and don’t rely on innovation and invention by the government or already well-established companies.

Humna Raza is a popular social entrepreneur whose insight into Pakistani society is remarkable, to say the least.

The industry of social entrepreneurship is increasing with each passing day. People look forward to them as their mentors and guides. During these pandemic times, people are following their instructions, which they have given them through videos and pictures. Social entrepreneurs can help in building the society which is entirely up-to-date and can deal with its problems with a positive response!

Be The Best Influence For Your Audience

In a nutshell, social entrepreneurs can make positive changes to our Pakistani society. They are the influencers we all know, love, and follow. If our social media stars would focus more on the issues Pakistan is facing, the Nation will progress. Instead, we find our social entrepreneurs over-hyping their love lives, fighting over petty drama serials for attention, and whatnot. They must be pro-active in fund-raising campaigns, and protest against the government to help get some results. The shameful statistics we have can transform entirely if only social entrepreneurs would expand their horizons. 

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