September 26, 2020

The Esports Industry in Pakistan Is Growing On A Ground Of Relentless Hate, Yet It’s Flowering Nonetheless

Charcha for Desi Gaming!

Gone are the days when gaming was considered a hobby for the indolent. That perception has evolved in recent times as gaming has now become a full-fledged profession for the professionals. The growth of Esports as an industry has rejuvenated the passion in youth and allowed them an opportunity for employment from a rather young age. It now has an audience of over 2.3 Billion gamers globally! The competitiveness has resulted in a hierarchy allowing professionals of this field to be paid in dollars regardless of their age, qualifications, or other such factors. In gaming,  the only thing that matters are an individual’s skills. 

What’s your job? I’m a… gamer!

There are two main paths to take when you decide to make gaming a profession. It is done by either making ‘let’s play’ videos as content and uploading them for views or participating in Esports competitions. Now as the global most lucrative industry generating more than $1 billion in revenues it has quickly gained a large audience in Asia. 

Pakistan is the best region for Tekken world over, and Arslan Ash is the reason behind this fame.

E-sports: A growing industry

Esports as an industry in Pakistan has started developing roots and already has more than 3000 active individuals earning through this profession! With an economy as unstable as ours, I think money coming in from any source is a huge blessing! With more than 40% of the population already introduced to gaming, this is a huge opportunity for the country to look forward to. Several organizations and brands have already hosted a number of tournaments and competitions such as Pepsi Co., Telenor, and Gamebird. The largest pool prize ever given was a whopping Rs. 1 million (10 Lacs) that was hosted by Mountain dew! The frequency with which the E-sport industry is growing and the number of events being held is increasing rapidly within the country. It’s unbelievable!

esports GIF by Major League Gaming

Competitive gaming

The following names are always found in close proximity to every Esports event and it’s no surprise seeing them there. Games like; Defense of the Ancient (DOTA), League of Legend (LOL), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) offers a highly competitive environment to players that determines the winner based the skill set and ability to co-ordinate and work with teammates. 

person playing PUBG mobile
PubG: A worldwide sensation

The future of E-sports in Pakistan

As Pakistan becomes more tech-savvy and technologically updated it will continue to progress in fields like gaming. If we are futuristic enough, we will allow E-sport a wider range of audiences that goes beyond the local landscape of the country. I believe we’ll soon be allowing international competitions to be held here.

Lahore has already constructed its first Gaming Arena, and surely more are to follow in its stead! Its time we let the youth of this country take charge and help us develop the economy further. For that, we will have to provide them with the best resources. This means the government should introduce better technological advantages and services in the country, instead of banning PubG on a whim. The youth is capable enough to open the venue for prospects with regard to Esports as a successful industry in Pakistan. We’re looking forward to it more than anything! 

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