September 26, 2020

Kamran Khan Adds Fuel To A Fire Of Ethnic And Linguistic Conflicts in Sindh

Charcha Against Kamran Khan

Media influencers must keep their integrity intact and their approach unbiased when they report on a story. One wrong move may result in the end of a social advocate’s journalism. Kamran Khan from Dunya News has recently come under the society’s hateful eye due to his ethnic bias regarding Karachi. Apparently, he considers the rest of Sindh too irrelevant to be reported in flood issues.

Karachi Imitates Venice

Sindh and its largest city, Karachi, have a history of being the epicenter of complications and mess. Official statistics show high rates of violent crimes, ethnic conflicts, and poor infrastructure. Nevertheless, being Pakistan’s largest city, transport hub, Karachi is a primary node of the global economy. It is so diverse ethnically that it never loses its importance. Right now, Karachi, Hyderabad, Badin, Chhor, and Tharparkar are facing heavy rainfall, one of the worst in its history. All of the urban areas including Clifton, DHA are submerged in a flood that has resulted in a heavy loss of 100 lives all over Sindh, damage to residences as well as businesses. Mobility in the city has become nearly impossible. Citizens are surviving without electricity for days and many have lost their lives due to electrocution.

A Flooded Clifton.

A Clueless Government

The provincial government is playing deaf and dumb to these situations and only the volunteers from non-profit organizations (Chhipa, Al khidmat, JDC) are playing their role by helping citizens in this time of difficulty. The parties that have ruled over this city in past years are MQM and PPP, but all they are doing now is playing a blame game and calling these accusations absurd. Citizens are protesting outside the DHA office Karachi and demanding their rights as they are paying heavy taxes to the government.

So… According to BB:
1) These are the worst, unexpected monsoons in almost a century
(although they happen every year)
2) BB’s boys have been working 24/7 so be thankful to them
(While your houses are still metres deep in rain floods)

Many actors and journalists took to social media and recorded their statements about the insensitivity of the government. They pointed out how the people are left to fend for themselves. These influencers include Yasir Hussain, Fahad Mirza, Jibran Nasir, Hamid Mir, and Kamran Khan. But the Dunya news anchor and senior journalist, Kamran Khan in his videos only put pressure on the situations of Karachi and neglected all the other cities of Sindh getting affected by flooding.

Kamran Khan receives backlash

He provoked citizens of Karachi in his videos to come out and protest for their rights. He came under the spotlight when a video from the past got leaked. Former Military Intelligence Officer Brigadier Hamid Saeed accused Kamran Khan of being a paid tout. Brigadier Hamid Saeed further added that Kamran Khan was a paid informer for the army.

Former Military Intelligence Officer Brigadier Hamid Saeed disclosed Kamran Khan as a paid tout.

The Army’s Pet

This video sparked a hashtag ڪامران_خان_شرم_ڪر (Kamran Khan, have some shame) on twitter, and it had thousands of re-tweets in a day. People are calling Kamran Khan a “pet” in the hands of the government and army, selling his ethics and pointing out at his dishonesty. The wave of rage has started revealing the curtain over major issues which could be sparked because of Kamran khan’s videos such as ethnic and linguistic conflicts and Karachi being a separate province. People are calling out Kamran Khan, who knows it might be an end to his journalism. Until now, Kamran Khan has not responded at all over this issue. The story yet remains to be unfolded from the other side.

Legal Actions Taken

Pakistanis are exasperated over ARY News for reporting Karachi and Sindh separately. Advocate Jamil Chana has sent a legal notice to the corresponding news channel for improper reporting that can serve as a security threat for Pakistan.

What do you think of Kamran Khan? Should he be accepted as a media advocate, amidst all these defamatory allegations piling up against him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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