January 20, 2021

Gauging Success; The True Path For A Triumphant Future

Charcha against The Rat Race

Is there any gauge to measure success? I don’t think so! Last time I checked, there isn’t any instrument to measure success nor is there a scale to compare your success to some solid measuring unit.

What is success? YOU decide!

I guess success has become relative, and we always find ourselves comparing others’ achievements with our failures. We assume that people are more successful than us. In my opinion, it’s your perspective towards life that makes you successful or a loser. I have seen people in rags much happier and contented than the ones living in glass castles. So, does success has to do something with money, or is it just how contented you are?

Love What You Do and Do What You Love poster

Society’s definition of success: The rat race

I believe that everyone has their definition of success, and in my view, society has corrupted the meaning of ‘success.’ Success is not a satisfying feeling anymore… it is any tangible entity that you can show off to the world. They will, in turn, label you ‘successful’. I have not been able to achieve as much as I had planned and expected at the start of my journey, so my success story would be quite different from the ‘rat race.’ The race where your wealth calculates your worth.

My success story

When I got married, my priorities changed, and so did my perspective on being successful. From learning Chemistry formulas by heart, I felt more accomplished in learning the ingredients of a dish. From solving numericals of Physics, I felt more relieved when I managed the budget well. Then came the motherhood phase, which changed my whole world. Now I was a successful mom! I had a normal delivery, was exclusively breastfeeding my child, and I had God’s greatest blessing in the form of a cute baby boy. Years passed, and now I am a mother of three. You can’t imagine how much success I have gained in all these years.

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That’s not all, though. In all this motherhood melodrama, I did, however, manage to achieve a degree, a diploma, and one and a half years of work experience. My Master’s degree in International Relations is halfway through, and I am preparing for Part-II. Although I’ve realized that success is what you believe it to be, I have gained a thing or two to be ‘successful’ in society’s short-sight as well.

The rage inside me

Sometimes, I feel successful because only I know the rage inside me. These flames of determination cease only when I achieve a goal, however small it may look to all of you. I feel successful when I play with colours because I know that, according to societal stigmas, I’m too mature for it. I do it anyway. That’s my success. To be able to do what I can with each passing day. I feel on top of the world when I take a good photograph, and I feel accomplished because I am doing the task I never imagined was possible; homeschooling my boys.

Yes, I’ve said it. I’m a successful woman!

In this aberrant pandemic situation, I have learnt ‘never say never’. We have never been in such an unprecedented situation before. We have done the things we never planned to do and restrain from things we never imagined our lives without. Experiencing the unexpected and making your way through it; it is success. The determination to never give up, explore the concealed, and learning the unknown; to me, is success!

3 thoughts on “Gauging Success; The True Path For A Triumphant Future

  1. Good piece of writing. Couldn’t agree more for what you have explained. Kudos to you for what you have accomplished so far and best of luck for your future💕

  2. Liked your blog and agreed, there is no instrument to measure the success. Will love to see your upcoming blogs too. Goodluck!

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