January 20, 2021

Pakistan Stock Exchange Market Earns Title Of Asia’s Best, And 4th Best In The Entire World

Charcha for Pakistani Stock Exchange

After all the fuss we have been through, ultimately there is one good news that can lift the nation’s spirit! On Tuesday, it has been announced by a New York-based global financial markets research firm that Pakistan has brought its stock exchange market successfully on the right track. Our market has been named as Asia’s best stock exchange market and World’s 4th best stock market in the year 2020. This is flabbergasting news for a country that has gone through worst after 2016. Our stock rates reached the minimum, and many investors withdrew their investments. Nevertheless, Pakistanis never lose hope! The nation’s people worked day and night to make this feat possible.

Report: Surprising Stock Markets

The report under the title; Denmark and Pakistan; the surprising stock markets that outperformed in 2020 added , “PSX benchmark KSE-100 index has given a return on investment of 38.5% in dollar terms as foreign capital has been flowing into the market after the yield on the nation’s bond fell below double digits,” 

Pakistan Information Ministry’s official twitter handle announced this news today, as a step towards “Naya Pakistan”.

In an interview, CEO PSX told that Pakistan’s economy is growing more rapidly than other countries. Pakistan has laid its mark since March 2020. Both small and large businesses played an essential role in rebounding the country’s economy. These are the efforts made by Pharmaceuticals, Constructions services, Steel, Oil and Gas explorations. It’s our blood, sweat, and tears!

Role of Government of Pakistan

The government of Pakistan also played a major role by initiating the Ehsaas programme that helped the daily wagers. The State Bank of Pakistan gave cheap loans to small and large business to maintain their investments.

In the situation of Covid-19, the world was going through economic crash downs; imposing a complete lockdown was compulsory. Pakistan has fought Covid-19 both economically and professionally in health sectors. Right now, the lockdown has been lifted all over the country except the capital that is going through a “mini smart lockdown”. People are continuing their businesses and as predicted by this report Pakistani stock market will skyrocket to even greater heights.

All around the country, economists and investors are overjoyed by this news. They pointed it as a positive signal, that the situation of economy is going on the right track.

Benefits of Good Economy

This great news will increase the rate of investments and will bring more investors to bring their money in Pakistan. This will bring a positive change in public services and international trade. Goods that are being produced in the country, even their value will be increased. As a result, our GDP is prone to be amazing as compared to yesteryears.

The growth of the economy will play a role in eliminating poverty, unemployment, and all other issues we face today. One can enjoy better living facilities. We hope that Pakistan Stock Exchange Market maintains this stature. In return, the People of Pakistan can keep their efforts in order to make this country prosperous and successful.   

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