January 20, 2021

Justice For Dr. Maha Shah: Voicenotes From The Dead, And Criminals’ Desperate Attempts To Avoid Conviction

Charcha for Justice

Dr. Maha Shah has become the topic for debate on Pakistani social media and the mainstream news media alike. The case has become a focal point of aggression against toxic, abusive mental poisoning that goes unpunished in the country. The human brain is the most sensitive of organs; I consider verbal harassment to be more fatal of a blow than any fracture or wound. Maha Shah’s case was met with scepticism, because why not defend the culprit? It’s not like we have anything better to do.

Quite recently, voice notes have surfaced that were sent by Maha to her friend that clearly tell her state of mind and the extent of abuse she was dealing with. It strengthens the case, pointing towards Junaid Khan as the vicious culprit. The poor girl said:

“At that time Junaid fought so much with me, I didn’t know what to do. Then I took Xanax and went to sleep, you know, I’ve started having seizures, I’ve got epilepsy now. I don’t know why. Don’t tell Fatima I was talking to Junaid, because I’ve told them I’ve broken up with him long ago. That guy has made my life miserable yaar, he’s ****ed up my mind. I’ve got epilepsy. I’m having such bad seizures. Even right now, something weird is going on with me. I just got up for work, and I’ve got to stay up for the rest of the day, message me anytime.”

Tell us, Maha, did you get our message? We’re bringing you justice. Sorry, but… we can’t bring you back. This is all we can do.


The case of Maha Shah reiterates a scene from 3 idiots, one I clearly remember. Karina Kapoor telling her father in the film, that her brother’s death wasn’t suicide. It was murder. The day our Nation learns how to sympathize, that’s the day the doors of Jannah will open up for us. With these comments surfacing various platforms, I guess we’re not on that page quite yet.

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Where in the hell did people get the idea that Maha comes from a disturbed family background? Ushna Shah, perhaps? They just hint at honour killing and we believe them? Are we blind or downright insane?

I was dumbfounded at some of the comments I came across. As a response to the comment shown above, let me clear the air for everyone.

  1. Maha Shah cheated and slept around? Well, that’s an allegation at best, and from whom? Someone who read or heard about her on Instagram? Here’s a bigger allegation, with witnesses and proof: She was a rape victim and bore sexual and mental abuse on a daily basis. So, yeah… your aurat shaming doesn’t quite fit in with the scenario.
  2. Maha Shah partied and took drugs. I’m on the same page as you for this one, girls partying? Taubaahhh. Astagfaar. Perhaps you forgot the anti-depressants and sleeping pills she took because of all the mental torture. Did you ever stop to think, what drives a medical professional to the point of taking illicit intoxicants?
  3. Gunshot wound at the back of the head… Well, you’ve come across tampered information, readers.

Such desperation, going as far as to tamper with the medical reports of a corpse, reveals the culprit clearly. Why would Junaid, or his crime partner, Dr. Irfan Qureshi, and social media support, Ushna Shah, go to such great lengths to hide the truth? Surely, the truth is not in their favor, that’s why. Ushna has lost the support of the public, and rightfully so.

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It has been officially declared that the previous medical reports were wrong by ARY news. The medico-legal officer (MLO) was involved in tampering of information and passed a medical report without any post mortem. The gunshot was at the back of Maha’s ear, not behind the head. And let me knock some common sense in some people’s thick heads, too. Why on earth would a family honour-kill their daughter and take her to the hospital themselves, then continue to fight for justice? Maha Shah’s family and friends scream of the suffering their loved, now lost Maha was going through.

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