January 20, 2021

When Will Horrific Child Abuse End In Pakistan? #JusticeforMarwah

Charcha Against Child Abuse

On September 4, an innocent 5-year-old girl named Marwah was abducted from her hometown Old Sabzi Mandi, Karachi. Her family reported Marwah missing to the nearest Police Station. But unfortunately, her dead body was found from a heap of garbage, after two days from her abduction. The autopsy report revealed that little angel was raped and stoned to death. The barbarians did not quit here they torched her body to diminish the evidences. Her family and relatives are torn apart after seeing their sweetest blessing burned to death. They demand justice and punishment for the criminals. Protests have been sparked at the Main University road.

People demand Justice

Even social media is outpouring with rage and resentment and they want Chief Justice of Pakistan to take a notice of this incident. Cricketer Shan Masood and Actress Armeena Khan took twitter to share their condolences to the family and requested everyone to standup against this inhumane act.

After the autopsy reports from Jinnah Post- Graduate Medical Centre, Police have arrested two suspects and recorded statements from the neighborhood. The suspects also belong to the same area and most of them are those living without their families. The Police is determined to provide Justice for Marwah and severe punishment to the criminals. According to Law of Pakistan, the punishment for rape is either death penalty or imprisonment for up to 25 years and for gang rape, it is either death penalty or lifetime imprisonment.

Aur ktni Zainab hum esy, matti ko sonpein gy,

Aur ktni Aisha, zalimon ki bhent chrhen gi,

Ktni Marwah bachpan mein hi dfna do gy,

Aur tm kb bolo gy? jb tmhari apni beti ho gi?

The cases of child abuse have raised in Pakistan and it shows our detachment from the teachings of Islam. It has gone this worse that Ulumaa and Qari of our Madrassahs are also involved in this barbaric act. The rape stories are not limited to girls, according to a survey report, 49% of men are affected by this. Recently, a 15-year old boy was shot at the hip for resisting against being sexually assaulted in Muzaffargarh. There is not seen any progress to the case after arresting two suspects in this case. The victim is under treatment.

We demand impartiality for each and every child that has to go through this in their small lives. We demand death penalty for the criminals so that anyone with bad intentions think twice before doing this inhuman act.

The Zainab Alert

Earlier this year, the Parliament of Pakistan passed a bill in the wake of a seven-year-old Zainab rape case.

“The nation’s first national child abuse law will introduce a penalty of life imprisonment for child abuse”, stated by Pakistan’s human rights minister, Shireen Mazari.

Senate also approved The Zainab Alert, Response and Recovery Bill to report child abduction and missing as soon as possible. This bill has created ZARRA, a federal agency which will be responsible for recovering kidnapped children and maintain awareness in public.

We need to rise as a strong force together against these brutalities, make our children able to protect themselves and become a shield against the evil side of the world.

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