January 20, 2021

Shahid Khan, A Proud Pakistani, Now Deemed As The 66th Richest Man By Forbes

Charcha for Self-Made Billionaires

On Tuesday, Forbes reported Shahid Khan as the 66th richest man in the United States. Shahid Khan is a man of Pakistani origins, who went to the U.S at age 16 with nothing more than $500 and a plane ticket. Now aged 70, he has made himself into a proud business tycoon.

Success Story of Richest Pakistani - Shahid Khan - Narrative Pakistan

Who is this Shahid Khan?

Not many of us were aware of Shahid Khan. Due to his recent name and fame in the Forbes magazine, highlights have quickly caught up to him. He is an engineer by trade and his path to glory started with him creating the blueprints for a truck bumper. He bought the Flex N-Gate company, an auto parts supplier during the 1980s from its predecessors, and made his first billion from there. Today, the company ranks 7th out of 100 companies as the top American supplier and 31st out of 100 global suppliers. During the last 40 years, khan’s efforts and struggles for his company have finally labored its fruit to him.

“You have to take your lumps and face reality…There’s always some good in something bad happening to you, and you look for that.”

Shahid Khan

Past ventures and businesses:

Now, Shahid khan stands as the richest man of Pakistani origins with a net worth of $7.8 Billion. Along with being the CEO of Flex N-Gate, he is also the owner of NFL’s (National Football League) Jacksonville jaguars, Fulham football club, and the co-owner of All Elite Wrestling along with his son, Tony Khan. He is also one of the major funding sources of the Black News channel. It was recently launched in February of 2020.

With just his 2 kids and a wife, he is the world’s 183rd ranking billionaire of 2020. All thanks to the auto parts company he bought, and his self-made success skills and a daring step taken at an early age. He has become one of the greatest philanthropists of our time.

The American dream, the Pakistani way

As a Pakistani-American, shahid khan has embodied the American dream with a new spirit of hope and encouragement. He is making others look at him in awe and admiration, American and Paki alike. A living legend who is proof of the proverbial phrase “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

The youth of Pakistan stands to learn a great deal from this example. And these gestures extend to both youngsters as well as adults, for it is high time we realize the potential that each of us is embodied with and how we can use it to realize our potential. It’s not our dreams or ambitions that we should limit but instead our pessimistic view of society as an obstacle that stands in contrast to our aspirations.

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