October 24, 2020

Nida Yasir In Heat After Insensitive, Mindless Questioning From 5/yo Marwah’s Traumatized Parents; Apologizes Later

Charcha against Insensitive Morning Shows

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Nida Yasir offends netizens for being insensitive towards Marwah rape case and then apologizes for it:

Pakistani morning shows have always struggled to find their place in the industry- and rightly so. There was a time when these shows used to be full of beneficial knowledge and were the epitome of decency. But that era has long gone. These days, it is all about being loud and OTT on TV. Apparently, the hosts think the louder you are, the better your show will perform in terms of Target Ratings Points (TRPs). One of the most famous morning show hosts of Pakistan has to be Good Morning Pakistan’s Nida Yasir. However, more often than not, she is in the news for all the wrong reasons. She landed herself in hot waters recently for being insensitive towards the Marwah rape case. Here’s what happened:

Nida Yasir, Faisal Qureshi and Sanam Jung

Marwah rape case and Good Morning Pakistan:

Just two weeks ago, the Marwah rape case got a lot of attention. A 5-year old girl named Marwah was kidnapped and raped in Karachi. The rapists had burned her body and then threw it in the garbage. The heinous crime drew attention from people all over the country with #JusticeForMarwah trending on social media. Marwah’s parents appeared on one of the episodes of Good Morning Pakistan where Nida was seen asking insensitive questions.

She asked them how they were able to identify their daughter’s body and how did they find out that she was raped. The father of the girl struggled while answering the questions while her mother, sitting in a burqa over her face, was clearly uncomfortable with the questions as she could not stop weeping.

As soon as the episode went on-air, people called a ban on Nida’s Show and #BanNidaYasirShow started trending on social media. People said that Nida should act as a host and not as a detective. The parents have already suffered enough. Just for the sake of ratings, she shouldn’t make them go through something as horrific as that again.

Nida Yasir and Marwah’s parents

Nida’s apology to Marwah rape case:

As soon as Nida received backlash for handling the Marwah rape case-insensitively, she released a video that started by her apologizing for her behavior.  Then she moved towards clarifying the apparent misunderstanding. Nida said that the show did not approach Marwah’s parents; instead, the parents approached her show because they wanted help from the media. She added that her show is for entertainment; it isn’t a news show. As a mother, she gets depressed after hearing such gruesome news.  But she considered it her duty to help the parents.

Two days after the show went on-air, the police arrested Marwah’s rapist. Nida further added that the father earns a livelihood by driving a rickshaw. After his daughter’s death, he spent all his money going to police stations. But her show helped them financially, and when they finally found the rapist, the parents blessed Nida. She ended the video by saying that she will be more sensitive and careful from now and asked for forgiveness from the audience.

Nida’s history of controversies:

This wasn’t the first time Nida found herself in a controversy. In fact, it has happened so many times that it is hard to keep track now. Earlier this year in March, when the whole world was practicing social distancing, she arranged a make-up competition in which she had called make-up artists from different parts of the country. Last year, she was at the receiving end of hate when she displayed her shopping that she had done from Europe.

Genuine apologies

While it takes a lot of courage to apologize to the audience on a social media platform, why not make an effort not to offend people? It would be better if Nida spends some time thinking about what she will say on the show- it’s for her own good.

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