October 24, 2020

International Cricket Collaboration: A Sportsman’s Path To Improve Saudi-Pak Relations

Charcha for Cricket!

Cricket And Pakistan: The inseparable duo

Cricket is part of our identity, and we all know it. People say “You Don’t Really Know A Person Until You’ve Seen Their Angry Face.” Similarly, if you want to see the true face of a Pakistani, then see them during the heat of a cricket match. Even the most indifferent people have a, say, glimmer in their eyes when the match turns in Pakistan’s favor. 

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Endless Support for the Cricket Shaheens

We haven’t had much outstanding progress in cricket lately, but has that ever made us lose hope? No, sir! We’re always supportive of our team and we know they’re doing their best to make us proud. Charcha for Pakistani cricket spreads like wildfire! Recently Nawaf bin Saeed Ahmad Al-Maliky, the Saudi Arab Ambassador in Pakistan, expressed his desire to learn a thing or two about cricket from us. 

Habibi! A Saudi Cricket Proposal?

Apparently, the ambassador wants to promote cricket in Saudi Arabia and needs our experience and expertise to help achieve that goal. He called on Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) Dr. Fehmida Mirza, proposing that both countries collaborate to uplift cricket in Saudia. Turns out, our cricket stars are well recognized in various regions of Saudi Arabia. 

The meeting addressed the potential of sports in Arabia, the Pakistani youth bulge in sports, and the practical steps needed to make this plan a success. For this, Dr. Fehmida Mirza and Nawaf bin Saeed Ahmad Al-Maliky considered the exchange of teams and coaches since sports professionals from both countries could use a bit more exposure. 

Intermingling of International Teams?

Dr. Fehmida Mirza pointed that many Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) have been signed before, however, were not taken into effect. Implementation of the topics and steps discussed in meeting is integral for any progress in sports. 

The meeting ended on mutual understanding between the Pakistani and Saudi representatives. However, since there hasn’t been much social media coverage of this issue, we don’t know what our Pakistanis feel about this yet. Are we comfortable sending our team to Saudia, and accepting their sports representatives in our country? 

What Do You Think?

Everyone has their opinions. Some consider this to be a very friendly, collaborative move to improve international relations. Other die-hard cricket fans may detest such a collaboration, calling it another distraction for the cricket team. The whole reason why they can’t perform extraordinarily anymore. What’s your take on the issue? We would love to hear your thoughts on this! 

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