October 24, 2020

Addressing Cyber-crime In Pakistan; Report Your Case On The FIA Helpline Today

Charcha against Cyber Crime!

Cyber crime you've been hacked online crime

Cybercrime is a rather funny topic here in Pakistan, especially since we’re facing the terror of physical crime on the loose. However, as everyone always says, we must address the problem at the root. Criminals on social media, especially hate-speakers and blackmailers, are capable of much more. Not to say cybercrime isn’t that ‘more’ to begin with. 

You can see the true nature of a person by seeing how they act on social media, where there are no boundaries. These internet trolls and obscene groups often show a sick mentality towards men, women, transgenders, celebrities, and even poor, voiceless animals. 

Motives behind Cybercrime

There can be many reasons why someone misuses a computer, computer network, or a networked device. There can be a single internet troll behind the online mess, or a well-planned organization trying to make money. Most cybercrimes are done for money. Others are done to bring harm to someone for political or personal purposes. 

So what exactly is Cybercrime? 

There are many types of Cybercrime, and we have very little knowledge about them. 

  • Internet fraud

Internet fraud makes use of the net to harm victims, using deception to steal their money, personal information, inheritance, or to straight-up abuse them on personal ulterior motives. 

  • Identity fraud 

When someone steals your identity online, becoming an imposter and posing as you to gain financial, or other benefits from you. You’ve been a victim of identity fraud. Boys who make fake ids with pictures of girls and try to talk to them or gain someone’s attention because they’re in… love (read: lust)? Yep, identity fraud it is. 

Fake ID texting, Cyber crime, Identity theft
  • Financial fraud

Financial fraud is quite suggestive by its name. It’s when someone tries to steal from you through a network or computer. It’s more of a property thing. People try to steal inheritance all the time. It’s like virtual ‘kabza jamaana’.

  • Corporate fraud

Corporate fraud refers to fraud carried out by an organisation, or individuals posing as an organisation. Those texts you get from Jeeto Pakistan, and Benazir Income Support? When you call them, you either lose all your balance or they ask you for your bank details, down to the PIN code. Countless people have been the victims of these fraudias, but the message still pops up every now and then! 

  • Cyberextortion 

Here’s the most toxic type of Cybercrime. Sick people often try to harass others, blackmailing them for money, and whatnot. Recently, we came across such a case in Pak where a boy tried to blackmail a girl into sleeping with him. He sent her pictures and videos, showing her guns that he threatened he would use on her and her family. He even showed up at her house with armed men until the distressed family reported against the atrocities.

The father of this young girl was fighting a battle against threats of rape, harrassment, and torture to his family since 2019, but the FIA cyber crime wing proved to be utterly useless. However, once the issue got out on social media, it took merely 2 days to deliver justice. 

  • Cyberespionage 

This is also called cyber-spying, where hackers get access to personal or classified information in an individual or organization’s database for political or personal benefit. If you’re jumping at the fact that your university’s exam portals are hackable, and you’re calling them fools… well, hey, cyber-criminal. 

You haven’t heard these some of these names before, that’s our guess. Most people in Pakistan commit crimes without even knowing they are class-A criminals! Although some cases aren’t met all that swiftly with FIA, that doesn’t mean all is in vain. 

Girls often face harassment and blackmailing at the hands of cybercriminals. The leaking of pictures and just the simple spreading of false rumors is enough to tarnish women’s reputation. That’s how sick we are, sadly. Even though our own religion Islam teaches us to never believe in something that you haven’t seen or heard by your own eyes and ears.

49.6. O you who believe! If some transgressor brings you news (that requires taking action), verify it carefully (before you believe and act upon it), lest you harm a people in ignorance and then become regretful for what you have done.

The Holy Quran

‘Lekin uskay baray mein dekha hai kesi batain hoti hain? Bilkul characterless larki hai.’

How to report cybercrime? 

Most of us are unaware of the cybercrime portals Pakistan has. We even have a cybercrime helpline! 

If you are ever facing harassment by a cyber-bully, or have someone blackmailing you with inappropriate pictures and threats, please reach out to a friend. Or at least someone. There are countless women support groups online, particularly on Facebook, where you can get on-point, great advice to deal with cybercrime. Just don’t be a silent victim!

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