October 24, 2020

#MotorwayIncident Suspect Abid Ali Roams Free, And People Seem To Be Forgetting The Horror Already- A Rape Case List For September

Charcha for #HangTheRapistsPublically

On September 9, a mother was raped, robbed, and beaten up along with her children on the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. The victim was stuck on the motorway without fuel, called the Motorway Police, but they didn’t show up before the rapists. That dark day, twitter was bombarded with #motorwayincident and #hangtherapists. Just 2 weeks pass, and where is everybody?

The Rape Case List For September

Since the motorway gang rape, there have been 15+ cases of rapes as if the incident somehow gave these rapists a green signal to let out the vile beast inside. Here’s a list for you:

  • 18th September: An 18-year-old in Bahawalpur committed suicide after she was delayed justice by the police in a case of attempted rape.
  • 22nd September: An Assistant Sub-inspector allegedly raped a young woman who called 15 on an emergency call. He came for an inquiry, locked the room from inside, beat her up and raped her. Is that what you get for calling the police?

We want Abid Ali arrested and hanged. All rapists must be hanged.

Ali Muhammad Khan, the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, held a resolution in Pakistan’s National Assembly. He believed that the public hanging of rapists is a need of today. You’ve seen the list above. Doesn’t it make you sick?

A violation of human rights?

But Shireen Mazari, the Human Rights Minister, and Fawad Chaudhry, the Minister for Science and Technology, have to say otherwise. They opposed the resolution, calling it a violation of human rights.

Is protecting the life of a murderer, assaulter, abuser, one who is capable of literally destroying another person’s life and future, your definition of safeguarding human rights?

Although Shireen Mazari opposes hanging, she has made a good speech regarding the position of women in Pakistan. But news dies, and rape is becoming a norm… it’s time we make an EXAMPLE instead.

The community calls for the public hanging of the rapists. If not a public hanging, stone them to death in a public show according to Islamic Shari’ah Law. In the current state of Pakistan, it feels as if we are the government’s lab rats. We’re helpless, both at the hands of these rapists and our government.

Fear the cries of these precious, wronged souls. Hope they don’t scream out against you on the day everyone will be judged by the Creator.

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