October 24, 2020

How To Choose Men’s Leather Jackets In Pakistan – A Wintertime Fashion Guide

Charcha for Leather Jackets


Deep down, we all know we crave jackets like crazy. Leather jackets, denim-styled jackets, hoodie-style jackets, even sports kits jackets, all of these were created by a genius. Especially leather jackets! You know you want one; all that’s left is the question of how to choose men’s leather jackets. I, personally, find nothing more lovable in chilly days. Wearing jackets is the highlight of the winters for everyone and what do you know? Winters are already here! 

Okay, okay. So they’re not technically here yet… It’s unexpectedly hot for this month. They’re on the way through, and everyone’s saving up to hit the shops for winter gear. The time calls for some good advice on how to choose men’s leather jackets. Stay with us, ladies! Wouldn’t you buy some on-point jackets for the men close to you this winter? Here’s a tiny little secret: the way to a man’s heart isn’t always the stomach.

How to choose men’s leather jackets in Pakistan

First off, you need to know more about the kind of jacket that suits your tastes well. There are plenty of impactful designs out there, and a couple of abominations that you would want to avoid. Once you read through all the research we’ve done for you, you’ll know how to choose men’s leather jackets for yourself. Trust us, you’ll become the style-guide of your social circle! 

The Bomber Jacket

Named back in World War 2 as a flight jacket, this men’s jacket is literally the bomb in the modern world. It’s a short jacket, covering the torso at max. With a zippered front and a boxy look, the bomber jacket has most of your winter looks covered in style. 

Knowing every type of leather jacket is not enough to make it through the winter. You need leads on where to buy them, too! Only then will you truly know how to buy men’s leather jackets for yourself, your father, or any other close male figure in your life. Here are some cool bomber jackets we came across in Pakistan! 


BTW Pakistan makes a trendy, elitist impact. The brand showcases some very high-profile models and everyone just looks up to them. Check out this amazing bomber jacket from By The Way: 



Looking for something classy on a tight budget? Bomber-styled fleece jackets give you the look you need and you don’t end up getting broke. 



Engine is the go-to store for western fashion in Pakistan. It makes shopping much easier- Once you see the splendid collection, you automatically know how to choose men’s leather jackets. 


The Biker Jacket

Cigarettes don’t impress women ¼ th of what a biker jacket does. Most men are unaware of the fact that girls often daydream a bike ride sitting behind their beloved with matching biker jackets. Combine these matching jackets with dark blue jeans and long leather boots, and there you have it- a dream come true and high levels of dopamine, all legal and organic. 


This close-fitted, trendy biker jacket is the perfect match for either a biker or a non-biker. Get it? We mean everyone should have this article of clothing in their wardrobes! 



Gul Ahmed’s winter collection is to die for. To be honest, not having one of these biker jackets for the winters is literal death for the heart’s desires. The quality, style, and fitting all fall into place. Models look gorgeous with these on, and considering the fashionable design… you can pull off the look just as well. Just have some faith in yourself, and the power of the biker jacket! 


The Trucker Jacket

Calling it a denim jacket just helps more people understand the exact article of clothing you’re talking about. Denim jackets are a kind of trucker jacket. Generally, it’s a button-front jacket with double breast pockets. These jackets are short and not too hot, neither too cold. They can be worn all throughout the winter, and even in the pre-chills. The trucker jacket, especially the denim ones, give a rather boyish, aloof look that leaves a cool, ever-lasting impression.


Since there’s no online shopping facility for this one yet, you’re going to have to get up from the sofa and hit the stores. Yes, you heard that right: these jackets are WORTH IT. Levi’s has always been the epitome of fashion for anything that comes remotely close to denim. Check out the looks these models are serving! 


Elo has its clearance sale going on and you should get the most out of it. This clothing web store is there with you through thick and thin, providing you the latest fashion on the lowest budget, with good quality, too. Check out this cool hooded denim jacket we came across! 


How to style a men’s leather jacket

Winters mostly mean you’re going to cover up all t-shirts with an impactful, cozy leather jacket for the torso area. As for the bottoms, jeans work all through the winters for men. How you style your leather jacket comes down to your aesthetic sense. Always remember not to wear contradictory colors and give your shoes a good thought. Sneakers aren’t the solution to all your problems. There are plenty of leather shoes and winter boots for the chilly months, but that’s a topic for another day. 

If you prefer keeping the buttons or zippers wide open, wear a neutral colored shirt and make use of scarves. Scarves look very classy and are always in fashion. Don’t let girls call scarves ‘their thing’. They’ve already stolen many hoodies from us, they’re not getting their hands on winter scarves, no, ma’am! 

Hit the stores while the stocks last! 

Hurry, or else the leather jackets will disappear just like the sanitizers did this year. You’ll soon be seeing imposter jackets with low-quality leather, and you don’t want that to happen. Now that you’re well aware of how to choose men’s leather jackets, you don’t need to bring someone to help you decide. You have every design and type of leather jacket in your mind already, so make use of that knowledge. Let us know if this buying guide did you any good in the comments below! 

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