October 24, 2020

The Next-Generation of Consoles; How the two Flag-ship rivals compare: Xbox Series X VS PS5

Charcha for Next-Gen Consoles

It’s been nearly a decade ever since the release of Xbox One and Play Station 4 in 2013. Ever since then, both the competitors have released different consoles for that specific series but they cannot be compared to what is in store for November of 2020. With both the consoles expected to be released within the same week, a lot of hype is on the internet! The end of 2020 might just bring with it glad tidings and new technological advancements.

The Xbox and Playstation: What’s the offer?

Xbox Series S and Series X

Microsoft has decided to go a step further and release two different series of Xbox. The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. Both of which are very different in contrast to Playstation 5 and Playstation 5 digital edition. At a first glance, the only major difference to note is that of a media drive. However, for the Xbox Series, the pricing structure is very different.

The pre-order rates for the Xbox Series S were US$299.99 while Series X was at US$499.99. If you’re not a tech geek, then don’t worry! The short answer is exactly what it looks like. The Xbox Series X is better in terms of gaming than the Series S as it has a better graphic card, more ram, larger storage space for all your games. The Series X also has a media drive while the Series S relies on its digital aspect. Nevertheless, both are largely suited towards gaming at 4K with a consistent FPS.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition

Although the difference in price is not as huge as the margins Xbox displayed, the specs are more or less identical. The only major difference being that PS5 Digital Edition will not be able to Support 4K Blu-Ray Disk Drives. And so for this, all games will have to be downloaded and installed from the digital store. You definitely need to have a reliable internet for that!

The PS5 costs the same as it’s rival Xbox Series X at $499.99. However, the Digital Edition will be $100 more expensive than Series S at $399.99 with better specs assured.

Backward Compatibility

Both consoles offer promising results for backwards compatibility for all their previous games. In some areas, Xbox stands out and above PS5 because it is going to be creating an advanced version of all the previous Xbox exclusive games for the Series X. Additionally, all players will be receiving this advanced version once they upgrade their consoles to the Series X. On the other hand, PS5 is following the more traditional path with universal software that will run PS4 games on the PS5 but the downside being that this may not work equally efficiently for all games.

SSD storage which means faster loading

Every gamer has a pet peeve; the loading screen. Which seems to take on forever to load the game. Luckily, you won’t need to sit and wait for the loading screen to go away so you could resume your gaming experience. Instead of using the HD (Hard Disk) storage, these consoles will now be using SSD. This largely decreases the loading time and increases the overall processing speed.

Color Scheme and Design

Since both the Xbox and PlayStation have been featured and disclosed, we have a good idea of how the design for both consoles looks like. The Xbox Series X took a very minimalistic approach. Resembling the look of a small PC, it’s black in colour with a single fan at the top to cool the system off. The interesting part is that it can be placed both horizontally as well as vertically.

The PlayStation 5 on the other hand is a round rectangle surrounded by white cases. Displaying an overall better design than that of the Xbox. In many of the promotional campaigns its shown to be positioned upwards. However, we know for a fact that much like the Xbox it can always be laid down sideways.

As we have yet to see both the consoles in a physical space compared side by side, we cannot determine which design stands out for the better. Regardless of that, the aesthetics of the consoles are best left for the individual gamer to declare the winner from, based on personal preference.

Performance Specs and Graphics

So far we know that both the Consoles out shadow their predecessor in terms of specs and performance even though they are closely competitive in their own domains.

The PS5 can run 4K games at 120 FPS easily. And has the potential to go up till 8K! however, not much detail has been released regarding that as of yet. The ram used is 16GB of GDDR6 which is the same as the Xbox Series. Sony has boasted quite a lot about their 3D supported Audio effects along with Ray Tracing that gives a realistic lighting effect to all Games.

The Xbox Series X has pretty much the same specs however they have not laid any claims to the 3D audio enhancements. It too has 4K Gaming Support at 120 FPS with 8K potential. The disk drive can also support 100GB of storage which is twice that of the Xbox One or PS4.


The PS5 will be using the Dual Sense Controller. It is a new version of their previous Dual Shock controllers. It will be supported by Heptic feedback instead of the previous Dual shock 4’s rumble technology. This means that the controller will be more realistic in terms of output vibrations and movements to give the gamer the most refined experience possible. It will also feature a headphone jack to allow players to communicate with their friends more easily! However all this comes at a cost, that being that the Dual Shock 4 controllers will not work with the new PS5 Exclusive games.

Microsoft has decided to keep its traditional design and feature for the controller as that of the Xbox One. This means that the previous controllers can still be used for the new console. On both the new as well as the old backward compatible games.

Final Verdict

Based on the information we have received for now, we know that both the companies are really putting it out there by letting go of their inter-personal rivalry to deliver gamers the best experience possible. Both the next-gen consoles share striking similarities but are still distinctively different in their own rights.

Its definitely interesting to see how both these companies will be dictating the future of Gaming based on their own strategies but a lot is still yet to be defined and decided. As November approaches we grow closer and closer to the edge of our seats in anticipation of the future to come.

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