October 24, 2020

HUM Social Media Awards 2020; Disappointing, Biased Nominations In The Content Creator Category

Charcha for HUM Awards

Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, every big event is kept on a pause. But HUM TV came with an amazing idea of launching the first-ever digital awards show, The Kashmir HUM Social Media Awards 2020 powered by Facebook. The event will stream live on the Facebook official page of HUM TV on 2nd October 2020 at 8:50 pm. The hosts of the fun-filled night will be the entertaining Yasir Hussain and the very talented Mooroo aka Taimoor Salahuddin. Awards are a sign of appreciation for someone’s effort and hard work. Especially, the content we see on social media platforms either Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook demands more than that of mainstream tv channels. Certainly, people contributing to each platform needs appreciation and applause.

Nominations- HUM social media awards 2020

As always, HUM awards include a wide range of categories that is quite admirable. Most Popular actress and actresses in the Entertainment category, Most Popular on-screen and off-screen couples. A separate category for both Male and Female Music Stars. Categories including Fashion models, Fashion brands, and Sportspersons. And some other specified categories for the social media and web stars.

Nominations for Content Creators Category: Females were missing

Despite having a big budget, HUM Social Media Awards have greatly disappointed the viewers in this Category. Social Media Content Creators are those who are making such extra-ordinary content at their own expenses, burning the midnight oil and showing their immense talent. It includes both the Male and Female Content Creators. But only the Male Content Creators got the limelight. The girls, women who are breaking the stereotypes of our society are left outside this category. I cannot emphasize this enough but the statistics say it all. Instagram, one of the most trending Social Media Platforms has women in power. Women are ruling the game of Content Creation at Instagram yet not even a single female nomination in the HUM Social Media Awards 2020. Not even Instagram but Youtube has also seen some good female content creators. This is highly disappointing and such partiality cannot be ignored.

HUM social media awards 2020
Where are the Female Content Creators???

Most Popular Female Content Creator

The Kashmir HUM Social Media Awards 2020 should add a category for Most Popular Female Content Creators. This category should have nominations of the females from Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The nominations should include;

Merium Pervaiz- 1.39 Million subscribers on YouTube- Worth HUM Social Media Award 2020

Merium Pervaiz is one of the finest and graceful YouTuber who has gained such a large number of young followers in much less time than 1 year. She is an influencer and a content creator having a huge following from every generation of women. She talks about health and fitness, lifestyle, beauty hacks, makeup, and skincare reviews. Eventually, she deserves to be a part of the nominations of Most Popular Content Creator 2020. She is a mother, a wife, and a competent woman working from home and providing amazing content creations on YouTube.

HUM social media awards 2020 nominations for content creators
Merium Pervaiz

Humna Raza

Humna Raza is an Entrepreneur, an amazing influencer, and an admirable Content Creator. She has 283k followers on Instagram. Her space is all about Positive vibes. She has spoken for mental health and self-love. She has inspired many young girls to be confident in their own skin. The beauty with brains is the owner of The Positivity planner, which helps you to achieve your goals while staying positive. She needs to be in the nominations, so incomplete without her.

Kitchen with Amna

She is the first Pakistani female YouTuber who has reached a massive following of 3.39 Million subscribers on YouTube. Amna shares her cooking recipes, cooking tips, and tricks. She has huge followers from all the Asian countries and can cook different cuisines. She deserves appreciation and praise which is worth her efforts.

Tawa Pizza Recipe having 10 Million views

Sana’s Bucket

The very first female Pakistani Roaster, yes you heard it right a lady- roaster, Sana Amin. She has done a commendable job with the video editing with the Giphy cute content and voice-overs. Sana is the fastest-growing YouTuber and her content is one in all. She has a massive 473k subscribers on YouTube.

Sana’s Bucket

Hira Attique and Hemayal Attique

The duo sisters, Hira and Hemayal. who is already being praised for their superb work done for the Fashion industry. They were nominated for the Instagram influencer of the year PISA awards 2020 and Hira won that award effortlessly. Both of them should be a part of the category as their fan following is huge and their work is appreciable.

There are many other Female influencers and Content Creators who are working hard to provide a good and sensible content online. You can share your favorites Content Creators in the comments. Tag them and make them feel appreciated that they are doing a great job. However, no matter what there should have been a category for Female Content Creators. Or, female content creators should be on the same list as the Male content creators. I hope HUM TV official team takes this as a positive note and tries to compensate for their mistake next year.

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