October 24, 2020

PEMRA Bans TV Coverage Of Nawaz Sharif, The Motorway Incident, And Gala Biscuit Ad; PEMRA Labelled As Misogynistic And Censorious

PEMRA is Pakistan’s Electronic Media Regulatory Authority that regulates issuing licenses to private channels. Their purpose is to establish mass media culture and improve education, news, and entertainment. Especially, they can mediate the standards according to our religion and national integrity. However, most of the time, PEMRA come into the spotlight after its conspicuous decisions.

Ban on Gala Biscuit Advertisement

Recently, social media is on fire. People have contrasting views about PEMRA banning the #Galabiscuit advertisement done by Mehwish Hayat. Recently, the Government of Pakistan has honored her with Tamgha e Imtiaz in 2019. Furthermore, PEMRA has criticized that the ad violates decency standards and not up to the mark of our socio-cultural norms. Moreover, the authority has advised all the stakeholders to use proper themes and content according to the nature of products.

In contrast to this, people have called this decision of PEMRA representing a militant mindset. Some have said that its improper to call out a fully covered woman dancing along men is nothing but the representation of our culture. They have labeled PEMRA as a misogynist who cannot bear women enjoy while dancing.

The reason for banning this ad is thought-provoking. PEMRA should also consider banning dramas and Morning shows that do not go well corresponding to our religion and culture. How can PEMRA let go of such content, which is spoiling our young generation more than this mere biscuit ad?

Mehwish Hayat responds to PEMRA decisions

This is how Mehwish Hayat responded to the PEMRA banning the advertisement of Gala Biscuits.

PEMRA yet again comes into the spotlight for conspicuous decisions
Source: @MInsightpk Twitter

PEMRA’s worst decision to ban coverage of Motorway incident

The Motorway incident that shook the entire nation. Two awful persons raped a woman in front of her children. Millions heard this sickening act through Social media. News channels gave enough coverage to this frightful event. Eventually, one of the criminals got arrested, and the other is still roaming freely. However, PEMRA issued a notice according to the Anti-terrorism court orders; the media will not cover any news on this case anymore. It will not only stop the way of collecting pieces of evidence. It will impose pressure on other victims as there will be no route for their voices to be heard.

Police are using outdated technology to find the culprits of this case. Moreover, PEMRA has banned media coverage for this instant case. Soon in the future, it will be one in the case piles that never get solved. The victim never gets justice. And the criminals yet again find another bait to fulfill their dirty thirst.

PEMRA bans Nawaz Sharif from Media Channels

Recently, Nawaz Sharif was the talk of the town. In his recent interview with a news channel, Nawaz Sharif claimed that he had made all the Missiles of Pakistan. Many people called out Nawaz Sharif as India’s new puppet as he has disclosed Pakistan’s military secrets. However, senior journalist Hamid Mir criticizes this decision of PEMRA’s snatching media freedom as of cowardice. He demanded PEMRA to give proper media freedom to Journalists as this what the Government promises.

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