October 24, 2020

5 Solid Reasons to Support TikTok ban in Pakistan

Tiktok ban

TikTok is the leading worldwide viral video application available on both Android and Apple users. It allowed users to do lip-syncing, to make videos in different genres such as dance, comedy, talented videos. Each video of 15 to 30 seconds or a short looping video of 60 seconds. Pakistan downloaded the giant TikTok app over 43 million times. As the installation number doubled in the lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

On an auspicious day…oh yes, you read it right,” Mubarik din”.. of October 9th, 2020, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority issued a press release of applying a complete ban on the TikTok. The press release stated that PTA issued a notice earlier over the immoral content of the app. The ByteDance, the owner of the Chinese application TikTok, blocked only two accounts. However, PTA reported 40 accounts in total to legislate and restrict the indecent content. But as the proverb says,

“It is better late than never”

TikTok ban

The TikTok application, having a large audience, is now completely banned in Pakistan. An average citizen of this country highly appreciates PTA’s step of the Tiktok ban and the support of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in this matter. And criticized by some calling it a conspiracy of Conservatives. There are several reasons in support of this ban and to continue this ban until it erases its dirty stains from our society.

1. Indecent and Immoral Content

The TikTok application allowed users to post immoral and indecent content and make it available to everyone without any restrictions. Some users were positively using this platform, but the vulgarity promotion was on high levels. The proportion of positive use of TikTok is quite low. However, there are other sensible and well-guided platforms to raise your voice for social issues. If it were a platform for public service and political discussions, many anchors and journalists would be a part.

2. Sexualizing underage girls

The platform of this application is all about dance and music, though the app has a large number of minor users. Most of the teenage girls are participating in vulgarity and posting indecent videos. A worldwide movement started against the movie “Cuties” over sexualizing minor girls, which is completely against the social norms of any society. But overseeing TikTok despite its indelicate content is still obnoxious.

3. Life-threatening stunts

The highly followed users cum celebrities of TikTok start new trends every now and then. And the audience follow it blindly without thinking about the consequences. Many youngsters have lost their lives while performing these life-threatening stunts. That not only ruins the doer live but the lives of their parents and families.

4. Easy money earning

TikTok is a platform that has linked many businesses, brands, and multinational companies with the so-called TikTok content creators for their advertisement. Youngsters have started following the same route to earn money easily, rather than adopting intellectual, sensible, and well-educated ways. The trend of becoming a Social Media star has risen even you have not gotten any talent.

5. This is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and that TikTok trends are not eligible for our culture and society

If you want to call me Conservative.. call me that. But I will not stay mum on mentioning this point here. 95 percent of our country belongs to the upper-middle class, the lower middle class, and the daily wagers. These are the ones that make society and eventually the culture of a region or country. This country was made in the name of Islam. The world is progressing in Literature, Science, Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Public servicing, and many more. But here we are, moving backward in time, forgetting our true values and the teaching of our elders. No country becomes successful if it denies its roots.

It was important to ban this app for the well-being of our young generation and for the elimination of filthy content for a prosperous society. Some people were earning positively with their good content creation; they are very much at a loss. But there are no closed doors for anyone talented and hardworking. New doors open up if one gets closed. But following the true values and the teaching of our elders is what makes one respectable. Here’s this interview, which is taken from average Pakistanis to support my valid points on TikTok ban;

3 thoughts on “5 Solid Reasons to Support TikTok ban in Pakistan

  1. Alhamdulilah we never want to see again the shity contant on social media
    Do you want to see again that type of vulgar videos
    Every day we saw a new scandal of another girl or boy is this Islamic republic of Pakistan
    Please don’t mind everybody have its own opinion
    Thank u 😊

  2. Tiktok developers should have made rules for the inappropriate content. No offense but things were getting out of hand and jokes funny as long as it isn’t getting cringy. It’s really sad that people who were actually making decent content will suffer, but what’s sadder is that a lot of people would just view the indecent content to see what was going on 😣

  3. tiktok is a good source of entertainment.. kids adults and elders all have tiktok app and they use it for the sake of entertainment in spare time. many of the musers are working hard to entertain the audience. and many brands also needed new faces in the form of new musers they are having their publicity done in short the media and marketing is helding side by side but on the other hand many people are misusing tiktok by posting vulger content.. by this behavior they are defaming the real struggler musers.. we want tiktok but we dont want this vulger content and these kind of sick people..PTA should unban tiktok when they are also able to remove these kind of people from tiktok.

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