Students Bear the Entire Brunt Due To The Flaws Of COVID-19 System Of Education In Pakistan; Who’s To Blame?

Charcha Against The Plight Of Students

The system of education in Pakistan after the outbreak of COVID-19 is considered to be adjustable for students and teachers, but it has many flaws in it. There is no doubt in the fact that online education is the future and classes will convert to online. Still, it is quite challenging for a developing country like Pakistan to adjust to the changing circumstances. Education in Pakistan statistics are very poor- Some people living in suburban areas don’t have digital flexibility yet. 

The system promotes self-education; not online education

It is a very challenging task to convert classes of pre-primary level kids online, and most schools have not moved to the online model. Instead, kids have been provided with homework that doesn’t offer the actual essence of learning. The genuine essence of teaching lies in the interactive methods of teaching that develop the understanding as well as critical thinking of kids.

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These interactive sessions are a phenomenon unknown to most teachers, which is expected. How would you expect a teacher who orders his/her students to memorize the text of a book letter by letter to understand the importance of concept? Schools that organized online classes have not been capable of providing interactive learning sessions and have distributed materials only. This flaw of online harms the learning process of kids.

The Real VS. virtual system of education in Pakistan

Online classes and traditional classes are totally different in nature. Traditional classrooms are conducted face-to-face while online classes are virtual and complex. The spread and increased use of the internet have affected the attention span of students, and it is way harder for the students to stay focused on online classes. This is a severe flaw in online courses due to which the learning process of students gets affected.

BZU students speak up in protest

Students of universities around the country have also come up with their reservations regarding the system of education in Pakistan. The flaws identified by them are quite reasonable. Hundreds of students have complained about the poor streaming of online lectures due to weak internet connections.

There isn’t even a laptop scheme anymore! Not everyone has digital resources

Some of the peripheries of the country doesn’t even have internet connections available. These areas include ex-FATA, Baluchistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, AJK, and some areas of South Punjab. Student bodies have vocally protested against online classes due to the unavailability of the internet.

Moreover, it has been challenging for instructors, as well. They don’t possess the digital readiness that was required to conduct these classes. This leads us to believe that the online system of education in Pakistan is, indeed, flawed!

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Even during the Pandemic students are forced to protest together. How can we accept such an unfair present, AND a dark future, due to this weird, haphazard education system?

A student’s failure is actually the teachers’ failure

Another flaw of the online education system is the dropped quality of teaching and assessing the understanding of students. Except for a dozen private universities of the country, other universities have not been able to successfully design a properly functional LMS. Moreover, the testing or online exam system has not been as efficient as it should be.

Only a fraction of professors have worked hard to design their own courses. In contrast, the majority has just provided students with links, PDFs, and YouTube videos. There has not been transparency in the online education system of universities in Pakistan.

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WE WANT JUSTICE: Na-kaara LMS na-manzoor!

Low budgeting for education, as always

Public universities are autonomous, and HEC cannot regulate every university with a low budget. Chairman HEC has criticized the government over the low budget of HEC as it directly affects the higher education system of Pakistan.

Online education IS the future, and it should be taken seriously. The government must introduce reforms, increase transparency in the conduct of universities, and make a common online resource of educational equipment that must be utilized.

The problems of internet connectivity should also be resolved to provide uninterrupted educational sessions. Teachers should be given the training to equip them with digital readiness. The government must take these actions and draw proper strategies to make the system of education in Pakistan prosper.

4 thoughts on “Students Bear the Entire Brunt Due To The Flaws Of COVID-19 System Of Education In Pakistan; Who’s To Blame?

  1. “In my view online classes are the best and easiest mode of learning. But just some students are exploiting the minds of other students just for their own interests. Internet problems are faced by every individual in Pakistan which are caused by the telecommunication mafia. Also why we are not starting a trend for the fee that universities have already collected as of now we are using our own resources. I urge my fellow students to let’s gather and start a trend and fight against the telecom mafia and for the fee that we already have paid. This will not only help few but everyone who is studying and using internet. I hope we can use student power in positive things and not get used by some people for their own personal interest.”

  2. “We are being overburdened with assignments and are unable to take practical classes due to the pandemic. The teachers are giving us tonnes of assignments which are practically impossible to do at the given deadlines — as they [teachers] are trying to fill in the gaps, caused by the coronavirus”

  3. “Online classes are nothing but another source to waste of our time. Universities are just concerned with fees, they are just completing credit hours but really don’t care about our grades”

  4. “The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth. Not everyone is blessed with gadgets and technology. Think about those who can’t afford it. Stop online classes. Who will be responsible for the GPA of students failing due to poor internet?

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