Mansha Pasha’s Views On Fashion Revolution: Sustainable Fashion Is Just Desi Fashion With A Fancy New Name

Charcha for Fashion Revolution

If you’re from a desi family you won’t be too surprised when you hear the definition of sustainable fashion. Fashion revolution worldwide is everyday news for us in this context, since sustainable fashion refers to reusing and recycling old clothes in all ways possible. Mansha Pasha took to the internet to claim that sustainable fashion is just a fancy new name for desi fashion.

Mansha Pasha gives her views on sustainable fashion.

Is the fashion revolution simply to reuse one’s clothes?

We’re pretty sure reusing clothes isn’t a typical desi thing only; like, are you made out of money? No one has the funds to buy a new outfit for every day of the week. Just because we’re a developing country doesn’t mean that foreigners live to spend cash on clothes. The fashion revolution goes way beyond simple recycling and reusing clothes; in fact, the consumer environmental ethic comes at the very last stage.

So what is ‘sustainable fashion’?

According to Green Strategy, here is the true definition of sustainable fashion:

More sustainable fashion can be defined as clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects.

From an environmental perspective, the aim should be to minimize any undesirable environmental effect of the product’s life cycle by: (a) ensuring efficient and careful use of natural resources (water, energy, land, soil, animals, plants, biodiversity, ecosystems, etc); (b) selecting renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc) at every stage, and (c) maximizing repair, remake, reuse, and recycling of the product and its components.

(Dr. Brismar, Green Strategy)

Study before you tweet

Mansha Pasha, like many of our other stars, are rather immature in their actions. They’ve had big reputations for spreading misinformation and fighting over petty issues, as well as making huge issues out of insignificant things. They’ve got to understand that they have a huge audience that they must educate if they are to glorify us desis.

Having that said, the delivery of her tweet and the intention behind it was lighthearted and partially true, so let’s give her a pat on the back!

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