10 Top Luxury Cars Set To Hit The Pakistani Market From 2020-2021; Invest In Your Dream Drive!

Charcha for Cars!!

Cars are a huge investment and some people tend to look for luxury above anything else. The temptation to get yourself a road monster is huge! That’s all the more reason why you should be aware of the 10 top luxury cars available right now, or in the future. It won’t hurt to make a good decision, would it? Before choosing your road partner, you must consider your requirements.

Choose your ride from the 10 top luxury cars

Here are some points you must keep in mind before you spend hard-earned cash on your car.

  • What is your budget?
  • Which type of car do you need?
  • Will you be able to afford its fuel?
  • Are parts readily available for it?
  • Is it cost-effective?

Pakistan has signed contracts with many companies in recent years. By decreasing spare parts import taxes, investors are taking to Pakistan to introduce their brands. We’ve made a well-researched list of 10 top luxury cars, some of which are already in the market, while some will be launched soon. We’ve done your homework for you!

Read on for the 10 top luxury cars:

1. Changhan cx 70t 

A superb SUV for proper family usage with a bold and elegant design. This car is loaded with a beautiful interior along with tires having two-ton aluminum alloy hubs. A comfortable driving experience with an engine having a maximum torque of 230 Nm at 2000-4000 rpm, and minimum fuel consumption of 7.6 liters per 100 km! Due to its intelligent technology, the maximum output of 110kW at 5500 rpm is possible. Isn’t that sweet?

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Photo source: changan.com.pk 

Changhan cx 70t will launch this year with a price tag of 40 lacs pkr. The overall rating of the car is 3.5 stars with good fuel economy and performance but a certain decline from the comfort point of view. Go check it out for yourself! 

2. Proton exora

Exora, the popular choice of Malaysians when it comes to a seven-seater MPV. Exora was first introduced in Malaysia in 2008 was continuously updated as the years went by. It now has two variants, executive and premium, with turbocharged CFE engine. It definitely secures its spot in the list for the 10 top luxury cars!

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Photo source: proton.com  

Exora executive 2020 Malaysia has a price tag of 59,800 Malaysian rupees, but the launching price in Pakistan must be very high. Let’s see what we get! The overall rating of the car is 4 stars with good performance, a nice safety, and superb design. 

3. Hyundai Tucson 

SUVs are very common these days for the whole family to go tour. Hyundai is offering you Tucson in this class with a good engine of 1999 cc having a mileage of 15 km per liter. A beautiful car, with driver-friendly features!

Photo source: hyundai.com

The elegant and satisfying Tucson will cost you around 50 lacs Pakistani rupees. The overall ranking given to the car is 3.5 with remarkable power and performance. A highly comforting SUV with features comparable with the best SUV’s (BMW and Mercedes). You must check this baby out!

4. Borgward bx5

A stylish and comforting car with all the features of an SUV. The bold and elegant design of a 5 seater car… which has an incredible aluminium body. The engine produces a torque of 280 nm per 1750-4500 rpm, with a tank capacity of 60 liters! The maximum speed reaches 190 km per hour. You can literally fly past your foes! 

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Photo source: borgward.com

The car costs about 1,18,950 Malaysian rupees. Borgward bx5 has five variants and the above-mentioned cost is of the base variant. The reviews about the car give it a 4-star rating as it is a complete SUV with good inner space, disc braking system, and fabulous driving experience. Definitely one of the best of the 10 top luxury cars… but a huge investment, indeed. It’s the all-rounder we’ve all been waiting for! 

5. Proton Saga

The smooth interior and shiny exterior of Proton saga is eye-catching. Besides the entertainment you get in the car, which is at its peak, it offers a lot more safety and practical convenience. Sedans are still many people’s choices and thus proton is offering you the best there is. The engine capacity of Saga is 1332 cc with both options of automatic and manual gear transmissions.

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Photo source: proton.com

The price of the standard MT variant is 32,800 Malaysian rupee but it will rise here in Pakistan due to import tax. Well, a good investment never goes to waste, does it? The body of the car has improved cabin quality with the ABS braking system in all variants, but with only two airbags. So… some depression from a safety point of view. 

6. Toyota Yaris

A car with two different shapes, hatchback, and sedan, having a light bodyweight and fabulous handling experience. The standard of safety is well managed with a low-speed pre-collision system. Yaris is replaced by corolla xli in Pakistan with six variants. Options in engine capacity (1.3 L and 1.5 L) along with automatic and manual gear transmission options. This car hits all the right spots, right on the heart! 

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Photo source: toyota-central.com

The price of the base variant in Pakistan is 24.7 lacs Pakistani rupee. A good comfort zone, great suspension, and diving stability give the car a 4-star rating. Yaris gives a minimum mileage of 17 km per liter. We welcome it to Pakistan! 

7. Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai sonata was first introduced in 1985 by a South Korean maker and presently its 8th edition is hitting the market… HARD. This midsize car has a good quality engine of 2.5 MPI liter producing a torque of 232 Nm at 4000 rpm, along with driver assistance features.

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Photo source: pakwheels.com

The dashing Hyundai sonata is expected to be launched next year with a price tag of around 120 lacs Pakistani rupee. The car is lushed with a classy cabin. A long list of standard features but less athletic than its rivals. Amongst the 10 top luxury cars, we call it the midnight beauty! 

8. Kia grand carnival

A great looking car for a family with a spacy interior, and optimized driver controls. This car is loaded with special features, having a 3.3 MPI engine, and a whopping 6-speed automatic gear transmission. A well-equipped MPV secured by an anti-collision safety system. ‘Cause safety first! 

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Photo source: kia.com

Grand carnival is starting from 70 lacs Pakistani rupee. The uniqueness of the design and comfort stability gives the grand carnival a 4-star rating. 

9. Proton x70

The visually stylistic, great exterior of proton x70 is remarkable! The interior pampers you on long, comforting journeys. A perfect 5-seater SUV with an engine capacity of 1.8 L, producing a torque of 285 Nm. A great 6-speed automatic transmission assists your drive, making your life worth living. 

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Photo source: proton.com

The base variant of the car starts from 89,900 Malaysian rupees with a high price range to be expected in Pakistan. Proton is making a position in the Pakistani market by giving many models. A large SUV at an affordable price but a high fuel consumption gives it a 4-star rating. 

10. Gandhara Nissan Jac t6

Jac t6 6th generation has two variants, 2.0 L and 2.8 L. It is expected that variant 2.0 will only be launched in Pakistan! An appealing exterior makes Jac t6 stand tall among its rivals. A lush interior with power windows, power steering, and a power door lock. This car is the real deal.

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Photo source: pakwheels.com

The expected price of Jac t6 is 30 lacs Pakistani rupee with an overall rating of 4 stars as the vehicle stability control and traction control offers a great level of comfort and leisure to your journey. It’s the economical option from the list of the 10 top luxury cars you can get in Pakistan!

What to consider while choosing your dream car

There are many factors which one should consider before choosing a car for use. Everyone has their own requirements and demands, but following things you should have an eye on.


Before going to buy a car, understanding your budget is very essential. You should take into account the future expenditure that comes with a vehicle. There is one rule: it is not a big deal to buy a car, the big deal is how you keep it.

This rule goes a long way when you’re aiming to buy your ride from the 10 top luxury cars. You can let their shine fade away, it would be downright disrespectful!


Research about different options as well to determine the type of car you want to use. You can search for the best family car or best budget car, according to your requirements. Look for features that you would want your dream car to have!


The third major factor is the brand that you are satisfied with. Also, the availability of the brand and selected car in your area must be your consideration. The availability of spare parts in your town is a must to notice. If you don’t want to lose your cool, later on, that is. 

Spare parts help repairing your car a whole lot easier and less expensive as well. We’re telling you about the 10 top luxury cars here; not the 10 top ways to get broke.


You should consider the specifications of the car like engine type, gear transmission type, dive ease, and mileage of the car. A look at the exterior and interior view is necessary to measure the safety and compatibility of your ride. 

Change yourself to meet changing trends 

Pakistan automobile manufacturer association (PAMA) is changing trends related to automobile companies and is introducing new cars in the region. Who would’ve thought the 10 top luxury cars would be made available here? Before these times, people had limited options to choose from. That isn’t the case anymore!

Now, you have a lot of options to choose from – so choose wisely, to choose the best. Consider your needs and budget. We hope our breakdown of the 10 top luxury cars will help you make the right decision. After all, you’re going to make the choice of a road companion to travel miles of happiness and comfort together!

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